About Us

Commercial Properties Services LLC is a business entity that owns and manages commercial real estate properties. The Company’s purpose is to provide owners with consistent cash dividends, coupled with prudent financial risk.

The Company identifies and develops strategic relationships with key equity and debt capital sources as well as third party professionals in order to leverage their expertise and capabilities to best serve the interests of CPS’s investors.

The Company will seek properties which include neighborhood shopping plazas and free standing NNN retail properties. CPS will manage these properties with the following objectives in mind:

1) Provide to its investors superior overall investment returns in the form of both capital appreciation and cash dividends, and

2) Conduct business with the highest moral and ethical standards in mind.

To achieve its mission, CPS’s management team is comprised of individuals with experience in commercial real estate, including finance, property management, and construction – professionals who have developed relationships with numerous contacts in real estate and related fields. Through the broad-based experience, knowledge and professional contacts of its management team, the Company will be in a unique position to leverage its equity resources to provide superior returns to investors.