Uptown District Center - San Diego, CA

Uptown District Retail is located in the Hillcrest area of San Diego on University and the 163 Freeway. It was one of the pioneer properties of “mixed use” developments in Southern California. It was built in conjunction with a large condominium development and included some work-live lofts. The property ultimately defaulted on its loan obligations and was foreclosed upon. Colony Advisors acquired the asset as part of a pool of assets it purchased. It held the asset for about

2 years as it worked out a disposition of this and other assets. At the time it was acquired the asset it was 35% vacant and a number of tenants were struggling. There was some second floor space in the property and most of that was vacant.

Square footage
155,000 sq. ft.

Major Tenants
Ralph's Supermarket, Wherehouse Records,
Radio Shack, Trader Joe’s Property Address

1092 University Ave.
S an Diego, CA 92103